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Max Kabat: guitar
James Armington: banjo
Colleen Heine: fiddle
Justin Konrad: dobro
Zachary Smith: bass

Bowregard has taken the Colorado bluegrass world by storm, winning both the 2019 Telluride Bluegrass Band Contest and the 2018 Ullrgrass Bluegrass Band Contest within a year of forming. Sweet and mournful vocal harmonies join nimble picking and strikingly original songwriting to create a sound that’s unlike anything else on the front range of Colorado. The band’s onstage energy is undeniable, pulling the crowd into a whirlwind of bluegrass, old-time fiddle tunes, and Americana that fills the dance floor and doesn’t let up until the last note of the night.


Bowregard began in Boulder, Colorado when guitarist Max Kabat and five-string banjo player James Armington met fiddler Colleen Heine and bassist Zachary Smith, who were newly transplanted to Colorado after making a name for themselves in the music scene of Savannah, Georgia. Rockygrass 2016 Dobro champion Justin Konrad joined the group in early 2019.


Bowregard’s first full-length album is due in early 2020.

Visit Bowregard's website


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