25th Annual

Sept. 3rd-5th, 2021


                              Be a 2021 Festival Volunteer!


Please read the volunteer guidelines thoroughly. We depend upon each and every one of our volunteers to keep the festival running smoothly. In all positions you will be dealing with the public, so friendliness is a top requirement. Volunteers are placed into specific shifts on a first come, first serve basis, with preference given to previous volunteers in good standing. 


You must be at least 17 to volunteer; alcohol servers must be 21 and many jobs require you to be 18 and over. Most volunteer positions require some mobility and physical endurance.

First time festival volunteers: 

​If you are applying as a first-time volunteer, you will be required to purchase a 3-day Volunteer pass for $95 before shift can be assigned to you (an email will be sent to you after you are placed on the schedule with instructions on how to purchase this pass). If you cancel after the deadline of August 19, 2021 or you do not successfully complete your volunteer shifts, you will forfeit 100% of your Volunteer ticket refund and may be ineligible to volunteer in the future.

After successful completion of all assigned volunteer shifts, and no later than September 15, you will receive a full refund of your Volunteer ticket purchase ($95 + fees). Cancellation penalties are only incurred if you cancel after the deadlines or do not fulfill your obligations as a volunteer.

If you have already purchased a 3-day festival pass or a 3-day festival & camping pass, you will not be required to purchase a Volunteer pass. We will refund the 3-day pass portion of the ticket (not the camping), once you have completed your shifts.

IMPORTANT: You will need to contact us within 2 weeks of the end of the festival if this is the case; only volunteer tickets are cross-checked and refunded.

Just the Basics:


How do I earn free 3-day festival admission?

  1. Be 17+.

  2. Apply online. (Unless you want to work with Bear's security team, or on Tom's set up or tear down crew, in which case you should email them directly (info in job descriptions).

  3. We will begin assigning shifts in late July/early August, based upon the information provided on your volunteer application. Please be patient with our response. Preference will be given to returning volunteers in good standing. Remember to choose ANY job you will consider (especially if you're a new volunteer) and tell us your preferences in the comment section.

  4. Show up when and where you are supposed to, ready to work.

  5. Work your 2 assigned shifts.

  6. Wait for your refund (if you're a first-timer).


How do I blow it?

  1. Cancel late. After August 19 will cause you to give up your refund on the volunteer ticket, which is not valid for festival entry.

  2. Don't show up for your shifts. That will cost you $95 AND any future chance of volunteering (not to mention the bad karma).

On-site camping is NOT included  with volunteer admission.


Jobs that include on-site camping are: security, debris team and first aid. You must work all of your shifts on one of those crews to earn the camping upgrade.


Volunteer Camping upgrades are $21 per person. You will also need to buy an On-Site Vehicle Camping Pass if you are planning to drive a vehicle onto Reservoir Hill for any length of time. If you do not want to buy a vehicle pass and are tent camping, you can hike your gear up, have a friend bring it for you, or use the festival camping shuttle. Vehicle passes always sell out in advance so don't wait.

Volunteer Job Descriptions Please read these before applying so you know which jobs to select


    • Volunteer Job Descriptions

    • Site construction/setup (17+) - You will help build the festival site, including stringing lights, hanging signs, spreading wood chips, fencing, and many other tasks. Physically demanding, may involve working on a ladder, raking, shoveling, etc. This crew runs from Monday, August 30 to Friday, September 3rd with two 4-hour shifts per day.

    • Site Construction, all day SATURDAY, August 28  (17+)

    •  This crew does a lot of lifting and moving items from storage to Reservoir Hill plus pounding tent stakes, fence posts, etc. Not for those with physical disabilities or limitations. If you are interested in working on this crew, please email Tom Kelley at kelleytom96@gmail.com and do not fill out the volunteer application online.

    • Gate monitors (18+) - You will greet entrants, check them for valid wristbands, and inspect backpacks and coolers for glass and alcohol. It is critical to set a positive, friendly tone at this point of entry while working quickly and with a smile.

    • Box office (18+)  - You will meet and greet the public, scan tickets and exchange for wristbands, sell tickets, check in volunteers, answer questions, etc. Basic computer skills are necessary, and point of sale experience a plus in this fast-paced area.

    • Merchandise tent (18+)  - You will organize (straighten, fold and display) merchandise, assist customers with selections, make sales via cash and credit card terminal, inventory and pack up the merch at the end of the sales day. 

    • Debris Team (17+) - This is a busy job that requires some lifting. You will empty full trash cans and replace can liners as required in areas in and around the venue and campgrounds. If you like to move and stay busy, this is the job for you. VOLUNTEERS WHO WORK 2 SHIFTS ON DEBRIS TEAM WILL RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY VOLUNTEER CAMPING UPGRADE ($21 VALUE).

    • First Aid - Our all-volunteer first aid station is staffed by currently licensed RNs, EMTs and physicians. VOLUNTEERS WHO WORK 2 SHIFTS ON FIRST AID WILL RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY VOLUNTEER CAMPING UPGRADE ($21 VALUE).

    • Sound & Light Load In/Load Out (17+) - You will assist our sound and lighting company in unloading gear from the truck on Thursday, Sept 2nd from 10 AM to 2 PM and/or help load the gear back into the truck immediately following the end of the last set on Sunday night. You must be physically strong. Load out crew MUST arrive sober and ready to work after the festival; if you sign up for load out and arrive impaired, you will be turned away and your volunteer ticket refund will be forfeited.

    • Security (18+) - You will work more hours (total of 16) than the standard volunteer, but it's definitely worth it for the camaraderie, free camping, meals and a security t-shirt, plus free festival admission. Space on the security crew is limited; if you'd like more information about what is required, contact Bear directly at (970) 946-0424 or email bearbuilt@hotmail.com and do not fill out the volunteer application online.

    • Hospitality (17+) - You will be assisting our caterers with clearing tables, washing dishes and general food service and prep duties in the security tent or backstage area. Shift meal provided.

    • Festival greeter & on site vehicle traffic control (18+) - You will direct all vehicles entering Reservoir Hill festival grounds (including musicians, staff, patrons, alter-abled guests, etc.) to the proper parking area. You will also ensure that guests arriving on foot are directed to the box office to receive their wristband before approaching the venue gate. Friendliness is key!

    • Alcohol servers (21+)  - You MUST be 21 by August 20. You will either be checking IDs and selling drink tokens or pouring and serving beer or wine. We have many returning volunteers, so please do not mark this as your only choice if you are serious about volunteering.

    • Festival Teardown Crew, all day MONDAY, September 6 (17+) - This day involves a lot of lifting and moving items from Reservoir Hill back to storage and other physical labor. Not suitable for people with physical disabilities or limitations. If you are interested in working on this crew, please email Tom Kelley at kelleytom96@gmail.com.

Volunteer FAQs

Q: How many hours do I have to work for my pass?

A: For most positions, you will be required to work two 4-hour shifts in exchange for a 3-day festival pass.


Q: What if I already bought a ticket?

A: You will receive a refund for the festival portion of the ticket (not the camping) after you successfully complete all scheduled shifts. You will need to email festivaldirector@ksut.org during the week after the event to make sure the refund is processed.

Q: I'm a returning volunteer. Will I get to work the same job at the same time as last year?

A: Not necessarily, but we do take seniority and experience into account when we place you into shifts. The more flexible you are with availability the better the chance you'll get shifts. Be sure to give as much detail as possible in the comment section of the application to allow us to best place you on the schedule.

Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: You can cancel without penalty until August 19. Any cancellations on or after August 19, 2021 will result in forfeiture of refund on Volunteer Pass and/or inability to volunteer at future KSUT events. Emergency cancellations will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Can my children accompany me in volunteering?

A: No. Your full attention is required during your scheduled volunteer shifts. They are welcome at the festival and in the campgrounds with proper supervision.

Q: Do you have any volunteer positions for kids under the age of 17?

A: No. Due to liability issues, you must be at least 17 years of age by August 24, 2021 to volunteer. Please note that not all jobs are available to volunteers under age 18.

Questions? Call us at 970-731-5582