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28th Annual

August 30-Sept. 1st, 2024

Festival Policies

  • 24-hour Security - our security staff is on call 24 hours. Please use the call button (door bell) at the entrance to the security compound after hours. If you have a security issue that is NOT life-threatening, please do not dial 911; our excellent security crew is on site and here to help you.

  • Campfires - Only propane fire pits and fireplaces are allowed in festival camping. Wood burning campfires are prohibited. Propane lanterns, grills and cookstoves are permitted.

  • Be considerate of your neighbors. There are no designated quiet/family camping areas on Reservoir Hill. While pickin' is allowed 24 hours a day, loud singing, playing and partying is not permitted between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM. The campground is for everyone -- families, staff, volunteers and pickers alike -- and the quiet hours exist for the benefit of all.  

  • Please, be a responsible alcohol consumer. Do not leave alcohol and/or unsecured coolers containing alcoholic beverages around your campsite. Unsecured alcohol will be confiscated by security. This is a family festival and kids of all ages are present. Take responsibility for what you bring. 

  • No dogs or pets (other than service animals as defined by the ADA) allowed on Reservoir Hill during the event.

  • No firearms on Reservoir Hill 

  • No weapons inside the venue

  • Valid wristbands must be worn at all times on Reservoir Hill. Wristbands are invalid if stretched or removed and will not be replaced.

  • No glass containers in festival venue

  • Factory-sealed beverages and empty water bottles may be brought into the venue. Free filtered water is available at the food court.

  • No alcohol may be brought into fenced venue areas. Beer and wine may be purchased and consumed in the venue. Backpacks, bags & coolers brought into the venue are subject to search.

  • Smoking in designated areas only inside the venue. Look for the marked EZ Up tents.

  • Please keep track of your children’s whereabouts. Parents/guardians will be held financially and legally responsible for any vandalism, theft or other unlawful acts committed by minors. All campers under the age of 18 must have a supervising guardian or parent on site. 

  • No non-festival amplified music on festival grounds, including campgrounds. 

  • Generator use is prohibited in the campground. No fireworks.

  • Hula hoops, frisbees and other rigid objects that could cause physical injury may not be used inside the festival venue.

  • No standing at the back of the tent - dancing areas are to the sides.

  • Please pick up trash around you when leaving the concert area and campground.

  • Seats left unoccupied under the tent for more than 15 minutes into a set will be cleared. Items can be retrieved in the security camp. No saving of festival chairs under the tent. If you go to dance, please allow others to sit by placing your items under the chair. When you return, please be respectful when reclaiming your seat. There’s no need for conflict among friends.

  • Please secure your valuables in camp.  KSUT Presents is not responsible for lost or stolen items. (See Security to inquire about Lost or Found items)

  • Only low chairs and tarps/blankets are allowed in the central meadow. Full size chairs may be used behind the line. Shade structures may be used at the sides and back of the meadow behind the paths. No hammocks in the meadow.

  • No refunds for any reason. Rain or shine event.


Pump up your festival karma -- practice the golden rule!

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