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KSUT is a 501(c)(3) Colorado nonprofit, incorporated in 1986.


KSUT is a community supported public media organization dedicated to serving the multicultural communities of Southwest Colorado and the Four Corners Region with in-depth news, public affairs information and diverse programming that promotes multi-cultural awareness and understanding.

KSUT would like to formally recognize that the land we operate on including Reservoir Hill and all of our activities occur on are ancestral indigenous lands. The Tribal Nations of this area are known today as the Ute Bands, Dine (or Navajo Nation), the Pueblo nations, multiple Apache bands, and various other tribes who utilized this land in conjunction, including the Shoshone, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Comanche.

Despite historical traumas, Indigenous people are still here, thriving, and should be recognized as invaluable members of this community.

We are eternally grateful to Crista Munro and Dan Appenzeller, founders of Folkwest, for their generous donation of these festivals to KSUT in September 2019.  


Contact Us:   970.563.0255

P.O. Box 737

Ignacio, CO 81137

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