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June 9-11, 2023
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

16th Annual

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Festival Camping

On-Site Camping - Reservoir Hill


Due to the proximity of on-site camping to the Pagosa Folk 'N Bluegrass venue, it is only available with a 3-day festival pass. All people age 13 and over who camp on-site must have an on-site festival & camping pass. The price of this ticket includes the camping fee and festival admission for all 3 days. It is a PER PERSON and PER VEHICLE fee, not PER SITE.


Campground opens on Friday, June 9th at 11:00 AM and closes on Monday, June 12th at noon. Anyone entering Reservoir Hill on Friday before 3:00 PM age 13 and over must have an on-site camping & festival pass. Regular 3-day ticket holders and Friday-only ticket holders (including non-camping volunteers) may pick up their wristbands and enter the festival after 3:00 PM on Friday, June 9th, two hours before the show starts.  Shuttle starts running at 2:30 from the Spring Meadow Lot.


We appreciate the fact that people like to come and line up early to get their favorite camp site - that's great! But the earliest you can line up for camping is Wednesday, June 7 at noon. If you arrive in town any earlier, then you and your vehicle will need to hang out at a hotel or public campground until that time. Potable water and porta-johns are provided in the festival campground. Showers are available for a fee below the site at one of Pagosa's two public hot springs just below Reservoir Hill (serviced by festival shuttles). Ice is sold on site.


Open fires (wood or charcoal) are not allowed on Reservoir Hill. Propane stoves, fireplaces, grills and lanterns are allowed.


Campsites are first come, first served. If you want to camp with friends, you should arrive with them. There is no limit on how many people can come in one vehicle; however they must all possess an on-site camping ticket. If you think you may NEED to leave the campground before the show has ended, you should find a spot just off the campground road to avoid being parked in.

All vehicles on Reservoir Hill require a Vehicle Pass. Campers subject to size restrictions

Leave your pets at home

For their safety and

yours, pets are not

allowed anywhere on

Reservoir Hill during festival

weekend. Service animals

are permitted as allowed

by the Americans with

Disabilities Act. 

No Campfires

Open fires (wood or charcoal) are not allowed on Reservoir Hill. Propane stoves, fireplaces, grills and lanterns are allowed.

Only propane-regulated fire pits like this one are permitted in festival camping areas. Wood and charcoal fires are not allowed.

Vehicle Camping

Camping with a VEHICLE on Reservoir Hill


You must purchase a vehicle pass to drive your car/pickup/RV/motorcycle into the on-site campground. Only cab-over campers, motor homes 24’ or less, camper trailers that do not exceed 16’ in length and pop-up or tent trailers of any length are allowed on Reservoir Hill. Fifth wheels and large motor homes are not allowed in the Reservoir Hill campgrounds (please see accompanying photos for clarification). A vehicle pulling a trailer is considered one unit and must have 1 (one) vehicle pass. If you have purchased an on-site camping & festival pass AND a vehicle camping pass, you can enter the grounds anytime after 11:00 AM on Friday, June 9.



Camper lineup begins at NOON on Wednesday, June 7. Do not start a pre-lineup line at the Community Center parking lot prior to that time; cars parked in that lot overnight are subject to towing/ticketing. 


Our full-service box office is open and staffed until 11:00 PM each night on Friday and Saturday. If you will be arriving to Pagosa Folk 'N Bluegrass later than that, you MUST have proof of ticket (printed or on your mobile device) and show ID in order to be allowed into the campground by our overnight crew. Turning you away after a long drive is no fun for anyone, so please remember to bring your proof of tickets to guarantee your overnight arrival. 


The on-site vehicle pass is not a general admission parking pass. Vehicle passes are only available for on-site camping & festival pass holders. CAMPING UPGRADE PASSES ARE NOT VEHICLE PASSES!

If you are not camping, parking is available below the site and shuttles are free. Vehicles used for camping will not be permitted to leave and re-enter for safety reasons. One time in, one time out -- no exceptions.

VEHICLE-FREE Camping on Reservoir Hill
Leave your wheels in our parking area on Hot Springs Blvd. and enjoy some of the best camping on the Hill!

Vehicle-Free Camping

If you'd rather not purchase a vehicle pass for your car, we offer tent campers a FREE shuttle to haul your gear to our beautiful vehicle-free camping area that surrounds the festival venue fence.


The camp shuttle is free and runs on Friday, June 9 from 3 to 8 PM. You must have a 3-day festival & camping ticket to use the camping shuttle.


After picking you and your gear up in the Vehicle Free Camper parking lot, the shuttle will make a stop at the Camper Check-In booth, where you will exchange your tickets for wristbands BEFORE driving up to the Reservoir Hill campground. On Monday morning you can drive your car up to load your gear out.


We do not allow people to drive up and drop off their gear due to the narrow, winding road and strict one-way traffic pattern on Reservoir Hill.


If you don't have a vehicle pass you MUST use the camp shuttle or backpack your gear in, or plan ahead to have friends with a vehicle pass take your gear up with them. No walking entry is allowed into campgrounds until 1:00 PM, strictly enforced. This is to prevent people who have vehicles far back in the line from walking up and reserving prime spots ahead of those who waited in line for two days. 

Off-Site Camping

Large RV & Off-Site Tent Camping - Springs Meadow

This camping area is located across from the entrance to Reservoir Hill, next to the The Springs Resort. A free shuttle is available for rides to the festival, although it is a short uphill walk to the site. It is dry, level camping in an open field and is suitable for all sizes of RVs. Porta-potties are available; potable water is two blocks away in the Satellite Camping area (see above). 


Pets are allowed in this camp area, but dogs must be leashed and cleaned up after. Unattended barking dogs are not allowed; do not leave your pets in uncooled vehicles while you are at the festival. There is no shade available in this area. Please be considerate so we can keep allowing pets in future years. Campfires are not allowed, but any propane-regulated device (cookstove, lantern, fireplace) is fine. Generators may be used between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

The Springs Meadow area opens for campers at 2:00 PM on Friday, June 9, and campers must vacate by noon on Monday, June 12. Cost is $60 for all four nights of the festival, or $20 per night; payable in cash upon arrival to the Colorado Mounted Patrol, who maintain and oversee the area. There is ample room to accommodate everyone; the area has not sold out in the past. Festival tickets are required for all campers.

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